What moves your SOUL?

Heart and Soul

Do you ever hear a certain song and it takes you back to a memory and a flood of emotions come back?! It can be a song you haven’t heard in years, but it moves you so intensely…

Music is my therapy. Music is my relaxation. Music is my motivation. Music is an important part of my life. It amazes me how fast I can change my mood just by putting on a song.

As I sit here and write this blog post, I have music on that inspires me and moves my soul! I feel like I need the music to get my thoughts flowing.. it is my creative juice!

According to bestbinauralbeats.org, "music affects our mood in a variety of ways. But at the base of the phenomenon is rhythm and tone. When we listen to a rhythm, our heart actually begins to synch with it. A slow heartbeat with a strong diastolic pressure tells our brain that something sad or depressing is occurring.

How true is that?!? When people go to the gym, they download music with faster Bpm (Beat per Minute) for cardio, or heavy metal for weight lifting; because it inspires us and puts us in certain moods.

I challenge you to focus on your moods periodically throughout the day. If you catch yourself in a low, sad, or unmotivated mood.. put on a song or playlist that takes you to a place of inspiration. A song that means success and happiness! A song that you can close your eyes and envision your dreams coming true! You will be surprised at how fast you can change your mood and get things accomplished. 

Below is the video I was listening/watching while I wrote this post. It inspired me, and took me to a place of relaxation. I hope it will do the same for you. Enjoy!


Ashley Hendricks