So what exactly is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

For me, a bullet journal is exactly what I have been looking for! I have always felt like I had to be "formal" in my journal writing, but this technique has allowed me to break free and really allow me to write anything and everything I think of down on paper.  

Simply put a bullet journal is the best of all 3 above; Planner, Journal & a to do list. Bullet journaling is using a journal, but with bullet points. This is excellent for when you are on the go and you are inspired, need to write down an appointment, remember something important, etc. 

According to, A bullet journal is good for…

- People who have a million little to-do lists floating around
- People who like pen and paper to-do lists
- People who are into goal-setting and habit tracking
- People who like stationery, journaling, scrapbooking, beautiful pens, etc. 
- People who really love planners
- People who want to really love planners, or who want to be more organized
- People who would really like to keep a journal/diary but are having trouble sticking with the habit

Any journal will do. For me, I love journals that inspire me with a beautiful cover, with good paper, and good binding.  Use a size that is good for you, maybe something you can fit in your purse, but big enough where you can write in. You need to be able to whip it out anytime/anywhere when you need to write something down.

My bullet journal has the date in the top of the page, then the page is filled with quick notes, that are in bullet format.

For example my bullet points look like this:

  • Something I have to do
  • An idea I had while grocery shopping
  • A quote I saw that I was inspired by
  • A few things I had to get on my grocery list
  • he time of a tv show I wanted to remember to watch 
  • The dream I had last night that I wanted to remember


Hopefully this example above gives you a clearer picture of just how random your bullet points can be. It does not have to be organized, it just needs to be to the point, and a "catch all" for all your thoughts, etc.

If you are using this technique or plan to, share a picture of your journal in the comments! I would love to see! And share this this article with a friend you think could benefit from this!