DIY Easy Jewelry Board

DIY Jewelry Board

This was so cheap and easy to make! Yet,  the color and style of the board adds to the decor of my bedroom.

I wanted to be able to see what jewelry pieces I had to accessorize my outfits, and not have to dig through drawers and forget about pieces that I had buried somewhere. So I created this easy and simple solution. 

First, I got a smaller bulletin board ( because the space where I wanted it to go was next to vanity and the wall space is small) but you can pick any size bulletin board that fits your need. 

Next pick the fabric you want that matches your decor, and you want to cover the board. I also picked some sequence trim that added that extra sparkle I was looking for. 

I wrapped the board and used a staple gun to staple the fabric behind the board. Then I found a sliver strand of beads to use as what I would hand my earrings on. 

Last I used some diamond style push pins to hold heavier necklaces at the bottom of the board and screwed the board to my wall to display all the pieces. 

This was so easy to make, and took me a total of 5 min to make! 

I hope this gave you some inspiration and ideas to make your own jewelry board, I would love to see them in the comments below. 

Be sure to check back for more DIY inspiration and home decor ideas. 


Jewelry Board