How to do an AMAZING accent wall!


Let's get creative!


So I'm a nerd for decorating! Yes, I admit I am a HGTV Junkie!!! I love design, I love living in a space where I feel happy, at peace and surrounded by beauty! 

With that in mind, I was happy with my living room decor, but I felt that "Wow" factor was missing. So I decided to come up with a plan to add something unique to my accent wall. 

So I searched online at some accent walls that interested me, put my own touch to it, and came up with a color scheme that fit my decor and look I was going for in my Living Room.  


The most tedious part was taping out the lines! Measuring the lines horizontally to make sure the spacing was even was the hardest part. I would lay the tape, step back to the other side of the room, not like how it was put down, peel a line up, place it back down till I was happy...

Don't try to rush this design part, it will take time and you may have to work on it, then walk away and come back to it and that is okay! Take your time on this part to make sure you are happy and satisfied the design you tape down.

So all in all, this part took the longest and was about 90 minutes to tape completely and be satisfied with the design. 

DIY accent wall

Then we painted over the entire design, and waited 24 hours before peeling back the paint tape to reveal the design.

I'm so happy with how it turned out! This was a fun and rewarding project that added that something special to my living room that I was looking for. Best of all is that it is affordable, a small can of paint was around $13, and the wall is complete. 

DIY Accent Wall

Please share your wall designs below! I would love to see your projects!  It may take you some time to complete, but the end result is well worth it and affordable!