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Excellent Customer Service

Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.  - Chip Bell



You are told as an Entrepreneur to be different & unique so customer's can recognize your brand. Memorable customer service is one important way you can be unique in the marketplace by going the extra mile for your customers.  One of the best FREE advertising venue is word of mouth. People will only recommend the best to their family & friends, so be the person they recommend. 

Here's how..


1. Include an extra gift with your customers purchase

Everyone loves to receive special surprises, especially when it's a gift! So why not show your customer how special they are to you by including a small gift with their order. You can pick the gift and the price you are willing to invest. A good rule of thumb is the price of the gift should be reflective of the amount of money your customer spent on their purchase.


2. Include a handwritten note

A handwritten note let's your customer know they are an important customer. It's taking that additional time to write it that shows you care. It can be as simple as "We hope you enjoy your purchase" to a few sentences thanking them. 


3. Offer a special discount/coupon specifically for their next purchase

Another great way to thank your customer and show that you are appreciative of their purchase is to offer them a significant discount for their next purchase. I would say 40% off an item or off the entire next purchase will help to create a loyal customer, and thank them also. It is a win win situation for you and the customer!


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