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Welcome to the Official Boss Babe Mom website! This website is for the Mom's who want the best out of life! They want the best for their family and most importantly, the best for their kids.

Wanting the best for your kids means truly setting them up for a successful and fulfilling life. It means challenging them to push beyond their limits, teaching them never to settle for what they don't want & learning what it takes to ACHIEVE their dreams.

Kids learn by example, so they need to see their parents living this life, so they have something to model as adults.

We cannot live an unhappy, less than SATISFYING, ordinary life and expect better for our kids. You cannot hope for them to achieve their dreams, if they don't see you ACHIEVING yours. Be that role model you want your kids to look up  to, show them they can do ANYTHING, be anything that they put their minds to. 

Be anything & Do Anything


Boss babe mom is a lifestyle brand founded on business, life, beauty & soul. As a mom, these are key factors in our life that make up the type of mom we are or want to become.

Business - whether you are a full time working mom, stay at home mom, work from home or own your own business, boss babe mom can help you MAXIMIZE and optimize this area in your life.

Life- let's get your life under control. I know from experience as a mom i feel like i am a chicken with my head cut off running around most of the time. If i'm not going to sports practice, i'm at the grocery store, being a taxi driver, a REFEREE, a counselor.. the list goes on. Let's get your home organized, your life organized so all of these duties are effortless and easy.

Beauty - since you have had your kids, have you truly felt beautiful & desired? You should.. you deserve to feel confident & fun like the woman you have always been, we might just need to find her and get her out of hiding.  Learn how to apply makeup, beauty trends & more.

Soul - do you need quiet time? Time to find your inner peace? How to be happy? What about how to do meditation? Learn how to meditate at home, even if you only have 5 mins for yourself. You can get centered and balanced. 



Meet Ashley Hendricks, The Founder of Boss Babe Mom..

Ashley Hendricks is a Life Clarity Consultant and mom to a handsome, smart & RAMBUNCTIOUS 11 year old boy who has inspired her to be the Boss Babe Mom that she strives to be.   

Ashley can help you clear the clutter in your mind to gain clarity through guided meditation and hypnotherapy techniques, to break old habits and create a life of happiness & success. Ashley worked in corporate america since her son was a baby. She always felt like there was more to life than just going to work all day and only getting to see her son for 2 hours before putting him to bed at night. She knew that life wasn't about paying bills, retiring, then crossing over to the other side in paradise. She knew that life was suppose to be abundant, FULFILLING, & most importantly... enjoyable.

Join Ashley on this journey of living a happy, abundant and SATISFYING life. Get the right mindset daily with her meditations & inspirational content.

She lives in Ohio, where she runs her business. She also is an animal lover,  has a gypsy soul at heart, addicted to Starbucks, loves home design and crystals. 

Ashley Hendricks
Ashley Hendricks Boss Babe Mom