The Flawless Beginner to Making Money on Periscope

The Flawless Beginner to Making Money on Periscope

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Are you looking to make money with your Periscope account? Then this e-book is for you

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I am so excited to release this Flawless Beginner Guide to Making Money with Periscope. I can HONESTLY say this guide has EVERYTHING I wanted when I created my account on Periscope. I am a planner & I like to be prepared in everything I do. So naturally when I joined Periscope, I wanted to know EVERYTHING about the platform and I could not find anything on the market that was this in depth. I want people to feel confident & fully equipped when they join Periscope and after reading this Guide and completing the worksheets, I promise you that you will be prepared!! You have what it takes, you just need the tools to get started and here they are...

This E-Book Covers:

  • Setting up your account / navigating
  • What you need for the best broadcast
  • Planning your scopes
  • Making Money with Periscope 
  • Custom worksheets to help your broadcast